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Whole House Water Filtration System in Dresden, ME

If you have a well you really should consider a whole house well water filtration system. whole house water filtration system in Dresden, ME. whole house water filtration system in Dresden, ME. Unless you water comes from an artesian well, which is considered to be naturally filtered your well water is probably contaminated by things like fertilizer and pesticides from the farm down the way, industrial wastes from the factory on the other side of town and you do not want to know what can get in from you or your neighbors septic tank.

The fact is anything and everything that gets o the ground can seep down into the water table and end up floating around in your well. Traces of prescription drugs have even been found in well water. A whole house well water filtration system can remove all the impurities that are in your water. You really do need a whole house system too not just a filter in the kitchen.

There are a lot of chemicals and such that can get into your water that will soak into your skin when you take a shower. Chemicals like chlorine and sulfur also can turn gaseous and effect breathing.

A whole house well water filtration system will protect your family against all of the things listed above as well as some things you may not have thought of. Well water is prone to bacteria and nitrates that occur naturally as well.

Bacteria and nitrates and other microorganisms including viruses, and parasites can also get into your well water. Unlike municipal water supplies which are checked regularly and treated for disease bearing microorganisms, private water supplies are rarely if ever tested. This could pose a serious problem to you and your family. A whole house well water filtration system can clear all of the bad stuff out of your water supply while leaving the good stuff like minerals that you need.

You should always have your water tested before you choose a whole house well water filtration system. When you have your water tested you will know which filter type you need to use. Not all filters are created equal and while a good active carbon filter is probably the best choice if you have a particular problem there will be a particular filter for you to use. You should even be able to pick up a DIY test kit from your local hardware store that can easily give you the information needed to make an informed choice.

If your family has a well for water a whole house water filtration system in Dresden, ME is your best bet for safe clean water. A whole house system hooks up to the main water supply coming into the house so all sinks and taps are protected.

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